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Equiping people for healthy and harmonious living through sports

We are Sports Mentoring Infusion (SMI). We aim to build and equip personal character and also build healthy lifestyle so that it shapes family and society in a harmonious manner and also gives a sense of satisfaction. This will also boost the morale and continue to regenerate newness with creative methods to deal with issues around.

What We Do



We focus on sporting events to build true sportsman spirit by creating friendly environment and resolving conflict in friendly manner.



We partner with organizations to teach them and equip them with practical skills and soft skills by conducting trainings and camps.


I was addicted to drugs and cigarettes, i was not regular to school, I was not obeying my parents. After Sports games, I learnt SMI's Basic rules which had to be applied in the game and in my Life. Now I've stopped using foul languages, I'm more regular to school, my mother is very happy with my progress. Thanks to SMI.

Azhar (Name changed) 12 Years

I used to be with bad company people who encouraged me to do all wrong things. After playing sports through SMI and continually progressing in SMI by changing a lot of bad habits, my mother is very Happy . Even if I study now and tell her that I'm going out, she doesn't tell me anything unlike earlier where she used to never allow me to go outside. I still remember when we went out for an event with our Sir, he stopped the car seeing an accident on the road and we all started helping people during that time. I felt good in helping. SMI has taught me to value life and help others. Thanks to SMI, I've met a lot of National, international, Olympic, World record Holder level people and was trained through them.

Salman (Name changed) 17 Years

After I started playing sports, I was interested to Excel in it. I became regular in the community Games. I stopped using foul languages as SMI taught me that it doesn't benefit anyone. It eventually spoils my mouth. I started respecting people, I Say Sorry often if others feel bad or misunderstand me. Seeing the changes in me, I was selected for professional sports Facility Games where my parents didn't allow. But Sir came to my place at the top of the hill and spoke to Mr parents and convinced them. Now I'm regular in coaching sessions. Thanks to SMI.

Ashiya (Name changed) 15 Years

Hello, I'm Trupti, I live in the periphery of the Red Light Area in the larger Sonpapur community with mymother, father, and grandmother. I also have a younger sister. Despite facing challenges like my father'salcoholism and financial difficulties, I'm managing well. At the age of thirteen, I found solace and purpose inour football training program. With determination and support, I progressed from level 1 to level 3 and even became the Captain of my team in a sports tournament. This transformation reflects not just my dedication but also the positive impact of sports on my life.

Trupti (Name changed) 13 Years

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If you are from any College, Corporate, Housing Societies, etc then Please reach out to us  so that we can share awareness about the unique work in Mumbai and promote a healthy lifestyle amongst the young minds to encourage them.



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